God is Sovereign Over All

Hello friend, 

I hope you have had a great summer. I thank the Lord for the beautiful ministry opportunities He has given me throughout the summer. I love being in fellowship with people and meeting new people, and the Lord gave me numerous opportunities through divine appointments, prayer gatherings, ministry meetings, personal visits, and local churches. I am thankful that I can serve the Lord and grateful that He uses me for His Glory.

God is Sovereign Over All

Recently, I was asked to visit and pray with a man I had never met. During our visit, he told me his story and what life had been like for the past six months. He talked about his recent experience of being diagnosed with a minor stroke. Thankfully, the stroke did not cause any long-term health issues, but he was now burdened with weekly medical appointments to monitor his health after not going to a doctor for several years.

Well, a blessing came out of these regular medical appointments.

One of the attending physicians began asking my new friend a series of questions that led to him getting a brain scan. The scan showed my friend had a large tumor attached to the right side of his brain. The doctor monitored the tumor for several months, and after a few months of additional tests, research, and conversations, a decision was made to remove the growing tumor. He went in for a lengthy surgery, and the day after, he was discharged from the hospital to rest at home.

We were amazed that someone could have surgery—with one side of their head cut open—and be sent home the next day. We praise the Lord that the tumor was not malignant, and the danger of the tumor growing—and potentially impeding the brain—has been removed. His only symptom now is a bit of fatigue, so we praise the Lord for working through a minor stroke to bring him the medical attention he needed.

As I have contemplated this situation and prayed with a heart of thanksgiving for this friend, I have been reminded to watch for minor occurrences that God can use to help us through potentially major life issues.

May we always be ready to give thanks to God in all circumstances.

Please reach out as your church, bible study groups, and friends come together for fellowship. If you find yourself or others interested in learning more about prayer, I would love to connect and see how God might use me to equip and encourage others to be involved in ongoing prayer ministry.

If you know of churches looking to start discipleship or recovery ministries and need someone to equip them, please feel free to share my information.

Thank You

Thank you for your continued prayer and support for my ongoing work and ministry.

Jerilyn made it home after being gone for ten months to serve and love on our son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons while our daughter-in-law was undergoing breast cancer treatments. Ann is making progress, and we appreciate your continued prayer for her.

If you ever want to take time to grab some coffee or a meal, give me a call or text me. I would love to share what God is doing in my life, work, and ministry and hear how I can pray for you.

With a Grateful Heart,

Pastor Jay