Our God Shall Supply All Our Needs

Hello friend, 

While leading prayer meetings in Washington, D.C., I also spend a lot of time walking and praying throughout the city. One of the places I go to pray is called David’s Tent. 

David’s Tent is an inter-denominational ministry that offers ongoing worship—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—for anyone to join in and praise God together. Recently, I was in the tent worshipping and praying when a young man rode up on a bike and motioned to me. I went over, introduced myself, and in broken English, he let me know his name was Victor, and he was from Argentina. 

He then used hand motions to tell me that his handlebars were loose and asked if I could help him fix them. I didn’t have any tools on me, so I called over one of the band members and told him what we needed. He went looking around the band equipment, and while he was gone, I asked the Lord to let me share Jesus with Victor. The Lord worked through our language barriers, and when I asked the key Gospel questions, Victor assured me that he was a follower of Jesus and we celebrated as brothers in Christ.

The band member returned to tell me he couldn’t find anything, but earlier another band member had seen an Allen wrench in the grass. I asked where, but he wasn’t sure. If you’ve never seen David’s Tent before, it’s located along the National Mall, which is mostly a large field of grass. So I began to pray that God would lead me to the wrench. I took off and began looking, and hallelujah, the Lord allowed me to find the wrench! 

I returned to Victor, and the wrench was the exact tool needed to repair his bike. I fixed his bike, we prayed a prayer of thanksgiving, and Victor took off. 

This incident was a great reminder that God knows our every need, and He is our provider. I praise the Lord for working out all the details so Victor could safely ride his bike in the city. I am grateful the Lord used me to assist Victor and even encouraged me that He is a God who loves and meets our every need.

I appreciate you and for the ways you allow God to work in your life to encourage me and those around you. 

If you would like to join the weekly prayer calls I lead, please contact me or fill out the Prayer Call form below. I will put you on our email list to receive weekly updates and the details on how to join the call. 

Thank You

Thank you for your continued prayers for our daughter-in-law Ann, who is going through breast cancer treatments. She has completed two different types of chemo treatments and two surgeries. Ann had a second surgery to remove more lymph nodes because she did not get a clear pathology report. She is now going through physical therapy and will begin radiation and visit MD Anderson in Houston in a few weeks. We are hoping she will finish treatments by the end of July. We continue to pray and believe that God will heal her body and give her a long life filled with many joyful days.

I look forward to Jerilyn being back home with me. She loves the beach, so I plan to find time to take her to the beach when she gets back and before our son Jody and daughter-in-law Liv give birth to twin boys in September.

Amid our family circumstances, I am blessed that the Lord continues to open doors for me to minister. The Lord is growing the prayer ministry with FRC, and he is giving me ongoing opportunities to lead prayer efforts, minister to families and state troopers, and preach.

I continue to pray for you and thank God for your love and support for me and the work I am doing in this season.

With a Grateful Heart,

Pastor Jay