Hello friend, 

Have you given any thought to eternity? 

After landing at the LAX airport, I got into an Uber, and in the back seat pocket, there were Gospel tracs titled “Eternity”. I took a picture of the trac because I was so encouraged by this driver having tracs in his car. He is sharing the Gospel in his marketplace. 

I asked him a question about the trac, and I could see his face in the rearview mirror light up. He shared with me his testimony. He then asked if I was a Christian, and I responded yes. He then ask if I would share my testimony. I was delighted that he asked, and I was delighted to share. 

I hope you know where you are spending eternity. If you have any doubt about where you will spend eternity, please let’s talk today.

When we reached my destination, we spent a few more minutes together and prayed for each other. I was so encouraged by this follower of Jesus.

But things got even better. 

My Time In Hollywood

The purpose of my trip to Hollywood was to spend a few days with a ministry that prays with people who are in the movie industry. From early morning to late evening, we spend time praying for and with people in the industry. I heard the testimonies of many and the one thing they consistently requested was to pray for them as they live out their faith in Jesus while working in the industry. I was encouraged by the boldness of those I interacted with in Hollywood. These new friends are living for Jesus in the most influential city in the world. 

Additional Ministry Work

In addition to this opportunity, I have been able to continue ministering with families along the I-12 corridor who are walking through some tough times. I want to encourage you to check on your neighbors and friends. People all around us are hurting and those of us in Christ can be a tremendous encourager to them. 

Let me remind you of Hebrews 3:13:

“But encourage each other daily, while it is still called today, so that none of you is hardened by sin’s deception.”

I finished serving as an interim pastor back in November and have had the opportunity to preach in several churches since then. When I am not guest preaching, I am visiting different churches to see where Jerilyn and I might become members. Through this experience, I will be doing a series about the unseen visitor soon. I am also teaching several lessons on video for a Digital Bible Institute. I would ask that you pray for the technical side of the video work and for some podcasts that I am working to launch.

The ministry with the Family Research Council continues to go well, where I continue to serve as their National Prayer Director. I am building a prayer network to support the ongoing work. I also lead an in-person prayer meeting on the second Tuesday of every month from Washington, DC. I would welcome you to join me in DC for one of these prayer gatherings in the coming months. Contact me to let me know if you’re interested in joining us. 

Thank You

In closing, I’d like to ask two things of you. 

First, I would like to hear your stories of times when you were being prayed for. Would you take a moment and reply to this email or send me a message at the link below with one of your stories?  

Second, would you let me know how I can pray for you?

I wish to also express thanks for your prayer support for our family. Our daughter-in-law Ann continues to be treated for Stage 3 breast cancer. She will finish her chemo treatments in March and will then have surgery. We are all trusting the Lord for total healing of her body so she can give full attention to being a wife and mom. Ann loves the Lord and her faith is strong. I am proud of her for her courage, but let me confess, this is hard. It is hard for her and for all of us. Therefore, I express thanks for your prayers for us. 

We continue to pray for you and thank God for you and for your support.

With a Grateful Heart,

Pastor Jay