Haiti Update 2

Note: The internet where we are staying is not currently working. I along with a couple of other guys went to another location to use internet for a short time before dinner. The latest word I have on our son Grady is that he is doing better. Thanks for your prayers.

Haiti Update 2

Sunday May 8

The LBC Haiti Team gathered at New Orleans Airport ready for the mission with the exception of one team member whom we lost to illness before he got to the airport. I received a call about 2:25 a.m. from Spike Wheeler saying he had a stomach bug and tried meeting others from Baton Rouge but with the stomach issues he would be able to make it. I know he would appreciate you praying for him

The men on this team brought together by God have a ready and willing spirit. They have an incredible attitude of being available for God to do what He would have us do. We enjoyed some light-hearted moments while sitting at the gate waiting to board the airplane.  It was a beautiful day for flying and we had no travel issues as we made our way to Port-Au-Prince. We praise the Lord for giving us safety in travel and for allowing everyone’s baggage to make it to PAP.

Upon arriving at the PAP airport we were greeted by Miguelson a young man who helps with the Haiti Rebuild efforts. He is a man seeking the heart of God. He hopes to attend a college and medical school in the US one day but is in need of a scholarship.  We arrived at the Florida House where we are staying this week and had some time to unpack and rest before dinner and church.

On Sunday evening we attended the Good Sheppard Baptist Church where Pastor Joe serves as pastor of this congregation. Some of the team members were familiar with the church because we had a medical clinic at the church five weeks after the January 2010 earthquake. We had two assessors traveling with us on the first trip after the quake and they were Joel sander and Tom Rabalais who discovered that the building was not safe because of some major cracks in the front wall of the church. We found last night the issue had been addressed by a DR team from Georgia had knocked out that wall and stabilized the roof. The back wall now has an old billboard sign hanging as the backdrop to the pulpit.

It was neat to see this billboard banner because it is about a group of automobile dealerships owned by man from FBC Pensacola whom I have known since 1982. He was a Bible Teacher, an encourager and a person that was always eager to serve while I served in that church right out of Seminary.

We had a wonderful song and prayer service. During the prayer time the people prayed over our team for God’s direction, God’s blessing, God’s safety and thanked the Lord for our coming to serve the Haitian people. Following the song and prayer service I had the opportunity to bring greetings to the people and introduce each team member to the congregation. We then heard David Hankins the State Executive Director for Louisiana Baptist preach a message from Acts 24 -26.

David’s message was about the accusations brought against Paul. His three main points of the message were 1. Watch out if sin is more satisfying than salvation 2. Watch out if earthly things are more important than eternal things 3. Watch out if you are thinking more about pleasing people than you are God.  In closing he challenged all of us to “say yes to God.”

Following the invitation where we sang Just as I am in English and Creole the people came to shake hands and offer encouragement to each team member. This was a sweet time as the children were just pouring out their love on the team members.

We returned to the Florida House where after getting ready for bed I spent additional time reading and reflecting on 2 Peter 3:9 that None should perish. I ask the Lord that He would give us souls this week as we serve hear in Haiti.

With a Grateful Heart,