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A Follower of Jesus Christ, Husband to Jerilyn, Father to Grady & Jody, daughter-in-law Ann. Jay is a Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Encourager, Disciple-Maker and Witness for Jesus.

In the starting block

I am pumped to be entering the blogging world!

I intend to use this tool as one of several ways to serve Jesus Christ as a disciple maker. I look forward to building a community through this blog where we can pray, challenge, testify, equip and be committed to disciple making. I invite you to join me on this journey of disciple making.

For today I encourage you to choose a Bible Reading Plan for 2011. You may have a One Year Bible on your shelf so go get it and begin reading today. I am using for the first ninety days so whatever you do don’t delay. Start reading God’s Word today.

With a Grateful Heart,