Port-Au-Prince, Haiti December 7, 2010

We left the Florida house on the morning of December 7 for a full day of sharing the Gospel, meeting new friends, video taping and visiting a hospital where we were able to bless a faith based hospital with medical supplies.

Our first stop was in the community of Carrefore, Haiti where we met with Pastors and the Florida Rebuild Director about potential opportunities of working with them in the Florida Rebuild Project in this area of Haiti. We also discussed ministry opportunities like medical clinics, VBS, Revival Meetings along with several other options for ministry. I encourage you to Google Carrefour and learn more about this area of Haiti and to pray for the people of Carrefour. The concrete blockhouses being built in this area are 12 x 16 and they cost 2,500. During this part of our day I had the opportunity to share Jesus with a young man name Jonathan.

We then went to the Unviersity and Government District of Haiti to share the gospel and interview people on the street. This is the area where the Haiti Palace is located and was very quiet today because of the pending presidential election results. I did get to present the Gospel to several Haitians in this area today and would like to ask you to pray for one young man name Carlos.  The specific prayer request is to pray that Carlos remain strong in his Christian faith and that his work will provide for his family.  It was good to be in this area to see that a small amount of rubble has been removed. I still remember from our coming in February the stench of bodies that were buried alive during the January 12 Earthquake. As I looked around this area and remembered the thousands who died I could only pause to ask the Lord to revive this land and to save those who walk the streets today from their ways so they will not have eternal separation from Him.

The visit to one of the hospitals in Port-Au-Prince was for the purpose of dropping off supplies. The Administrator and Deputy Administrator were please to see us today. We also received extended time from them today. We got a first hand look at where they are receiving and treating Cholera patients. This hospital is a faith-based hospital in Port-Au-Prince.  I encourage you to Google another hospital called Haiti Hospital and see how you might be able to help them in the future.

Today the election results were announced for the next President of Haiti.  Since I am travelling with an NBC News affiliate I went with them tonight to go see the announcements of who would be elected. However, we did not make it because of the riots and tire burning on the streets.  The most amazing covering took place as we were out on the streets. We prayed before we left for the Lord to orchestrate our travel and so He did. As we travelled we were behind a police convoy and on the way back home we were in front of a police convoy.

We were blessed with safety as we travelled and grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful folks. I will include some photos about today’s trip.

With a Grateful Heart,


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