Port-Au-Prince, Haiti December 6, 2010

As this email goes out this morning I send a Salute and Thank You to those that fought during World War II on this day of remembering Pearl Harbor.

On Monday our mission took us out of the city of Port-Au- Prince to the Village of Grand Bolvage.  This village is located high above Port-Au –Prince in the mountains, which brought an opportunity to enjoy some cooler weather for a few hours. On the way up this mountain road which often was not wide enough for the truck we were in but especially as we approached ladies on donkeys or a group of people walking and transporting goods on the top of their heads we stopped at one school thinking this was the school we were looking for today. We quickly found out it was not the school and the Principle invited us to stop on the way back down the mountain.  So with a new set of directions we took off to the very top of the mountain where we visited a school being sponsored by Haitian’s who now live in the US. The school has over 400 students with one class currently meeting outside and three other classes are still meeting together in one room with three different teachers since the earthquake. The school is hoping to have the new classroom finished within the next several months. We had a good visit and enjoyed meeting some new friends.

On our way back down the mountain we stopped at the school where we were invited by the principle to visit upon completing our task with the first school. We did stop and the children with songs greeted us. We left this school only to return where we spent time learning more about the school and to discover if they have any sponsors. While visiting with the Principle and Superintendent I had the opportunity to share the story of Jesus with them. I continue to pray for Robert and Eln Diem that they may accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

As we continued our journey back to Port-au-Prince we stopped at Bonrepos, which is a village that was totally destroyed by the Earthquake. This area is one of three areas where Florida Baptist are giving leadership to rebuilding homes. The houses are 12×16 and cost $2,500 per home. This project is a blessing to the people because they will move out of tents and tin sheds into these concrete houses. We had the opportunity to meet the community Pastor and a couple of the Haitian rebuild teams under the Florida Rebuild Leadership effort.  I am encouraged by this project and also discovered that this community also needs the physical building of the church rebuilt. I will bring back information with the hope the people of FBC Covington will support along with other churches coming together to help rebuild and support the teaching of Christ in this community. It was good to hear the men and the pastor as they celebrated the work of Christ. . After we visited with the workers we were able to spend time with the Southern Baptist Leaders from Florida that have responsibility for this rebuilding effort. Our team was encouraged with the leadership and the plans to rebuild this and other areas of Haiti. I encourage you to think about giving a donation to the Florida Baptist Convention for Haiti Rebuild or Haiti Partnership missions.

In closing it is our understanding that the Haitian Election officials are to announce on Tuesday Dec. 7 that election results for a new president so I ask that you pray for safety and for our trip home to not be hindered by demonstrations.

With a Grateful Heart,


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