Haiti Mission April 10, 2013

Haiti Mission April 10

Today, I am travelling with a team of men to Haiti! The purpose of the trip is to work along side Haitian men to build a home for a pastor and build a medical clinic in an area east of Port au Prince called Canaan. This is all under the umbrella of the Nouvelle English Church in Croix des Bouquet that is the mother church to many other churches throughout Haiti.

I Praise the Lord for the safe travel to Haiti today. We went through customs, claimed our bags and on our way within thirty minutes after landing. On the way to our lodging quarters we stopped at the Embassy Hardware Store because the pastor needed to turn in the order for the roofing supplies. This took some time because of some change in prices and having a clear understanding of the supply list. I am thankful for the way God used our interpreter Youdel and Teo who is from FBC Covington at the hardware store. It was simply one of those times that you marvel at God working out all the details!

After nearly two hours at the hardware store we departed for our place of lodging. Upon arrival we were issued our keys and had some time to unpack before we departed to see the land we are working to purchase for a Children’s Home, School, Medical Clinic and lodging for mission teams. We spent some time walking the land and praying for God’s will to be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.

We then returned for dinner and some fellowship before going to bed. It has been a great day and I am grateful for this team of men that have come to Haiti.

With a Grateful Heart,

Jay Johnston

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