Happy Birthday, Jerilyn!

February 27 is the birthday of my wife, friend, encourager, mother of our sons Grady and Jody, mother-in-law to Ann and hopefully one day soon to Jody’s wife. She is the daughter of Al and Jeannie Gaspard and sister of Johnny Wade and sister-in-law to Pam, Jimmy and Mandy.

Jerilyn is a prayer warrior, piano player, and piano teacher.

She is a friend to many people! She loves being in the kitchen cooking and preparing meals. She certainly has the gift of hospitality.

Jerilyn is a person that runs after God’s Heart, She is a committed Christian who is committed to living out her life for Jesus no matter the cost.

I am grateful to honor and celebrate the life of Jerilyn Gaspard Johnston.

Happy Birthday, Jerilyn! I love you.

With a Grateful Heart,

Jay Johnston

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jerilyn!”

  1. Jay … you are definitely blessed by God with Jerilyn. She is a beautiful, bright, shining light! We love you both. Happy Birthday Jerilyn!!!

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