Thank You for Praying!

I am thankful people pray! I am thankful for those who prayed for me and those that travelled with me to Haiti last week. Your prayer support for the work taking place in Haiti is making a difference. The work is good, the people are appreciative and I believe bringing lifechange to the people of Haiti and to those helping make a difference in Haiti that will affect both Heaven and Hell.

I am also praying for those who are reading my blog about Haiti. Your prayers are at the very core of the work for Haiti that will make a difference. Your willingness to pray also opens the door of your heart and mind to be involved with helping to make a difference in Haiti by going with a team in the coming weeks, months or years to help fulfill the strategy, byy assisting with the gathering of supplies or by financially contributing to the work.

As you pray I believe God will reveal to you the part you are to be involved with in Haiti. 

In my next blog on Haiti I will lay out the strategy for the work in Haiti, how you can pray, go and give.

Thanks for praying!

With a Grateful Support,

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