Reflecting on Haiti!

Feb 17, 2012

I have just returned from Haiti with a team from Louisiana. The purpose of this trip was to identify needs of the churches under the leadership of Pastor Jean Odvald LOUIS in an area northeast of Port-au-Prince.

Here is a list of the churches and the pastoral leadership of the churches.


1- Croix-des-Bouquets……= 1 Church, 3 Pastors

Reverend Pastor Jean Odvald LOUIS

Pastor Christmas Dorilas

Pastor Polynice Jean Andrefly

2- Foret des Pins….= 2 Churches,1 Pastor, 1 Predicator

Pastor Lifaite Saintil

Predicator Pierrette

3- La Gonave…..= 2 Churches, 1 Pastor, 1 Predicator

Pastor Lamasse Odnice

Predicator Gethro Edouard

4- CANAAN………= 1 Church, 1 Pastor

Rev. Past. Jean Odvald LOUIS


As I wrote in my post on February 16, 2012 Pastor Odvald is a Visionary Leader and one who has a heart for people and a desire to be obedient to the Great Commission and Great Commandment. It will be a great joy to work with Pastor Odvald in helping to carry out the Great Commission and Great Commandment.

We did accomplish our objectives and I will be posting opportunities for ministry to meet those needs early next week. I encourage you to be praying about your part in ministering to the people of Haiti.

We had the opportunity to learn about the administration of orphanages, the need for pure water, needs of schools such as supplies, teacher supplies, church planting strategies and needs, church building needs and needs to help churches be effective in ongoing ministry opportunities.

While we did a lot of work to make sure the volunteers would have what they need for ministry to Haiti we also had many opportunities to share the Gospel. This included sharing Christ with people on the streets and I am thankful for the team taking advantage of the opportunities to share the Gospel.

Thanks again for praying and considering how you can support this ongoing work for the people of Haiti.

With a Grateful Heart,

Jay Johnston

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