A Day in Croix-des Bouquet and Canaan areas northeast of Port-au-Princ

February 10, 2012

Today has been about watching and praying as to how Louisiana Baptist might work in Croix-des-Bouquets and Canaan. The morning was spent at the Nouvelle Eglise Evangelique Baptiste with Pastor Odvald, Pastor Odvaldseveral other pastors and friends along with our team. Here we spent time hearing about the priorities of the church, seeking clarification on those priorities and praying for God’s direction and provision.

We then departed for Canaan to get a first hand look at this area that could simply overwhelm anyone because of the massive number of people and the living conditions along this mountain side. We went to the Church which is also under the leadership of Pastor Odvald. We spent time here learning more about the area, the church and the school that has begun and is sponsored by the church. The Lord is using Pastor Odvald to continually reach people and grow them in their person faith with Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity throughout the time in Canaan to meet many men, women and children who have become members of the Nouvelle Eglise Evangelique Baptiste.

We then drove through a little portion of the area. A drive through this area is extremely limited because there are no roads and the terrain is rough and the few vehicles that do move around in the area create such deep trenches that it becomes impossible to drive.

Upon moving back to the main road we drove along Route 1 which is a coastal highway. We drove for about seven miles to see the continual sprawl of people establishing homes along the mountainside. A drive in Haiti can also provide you with unique sites like this one. This entire area continues to grow because the government is asking the squatters in Port-au-Prince to move from the parks and public land in the city.

As we began heading back towards Port-au-Prince I continued speaking with Pastor Odvald about his foundation and the possibility of securing land for orphanage, medical clinic and school under his leadership. As we talked I encouraged him to take on urgency for this project and he replied now and I said yes now. It was within seconds he turned off the main road and drove about fifty yards looking at some empty fields. He said Pastor Jay I have been watching this land and praying for God to open the door for this land. He has good reason because it is very near the Canaan Church and on a major highway. As we talked he drove a little further and asked some men working in a field opposite from the land he was looking at moments ago and asked who could he speak with about purchasing some land. One of the men said he would need to speak with the man in a vehicle that was coming toward us and so we drove a few feet and he begin speaking with him. This man then said you need to speak with the owners and that man made a call and within about 10 minutes the minority owner of the property was on the same road speaking with Pastor Odvald.  They had a good conversation and the man is going to call back after speaking with the majority owner. Pastor Odvald and I agreed to pray because the initial figures would not be acceptable but I reminded him that God owns everything. I do not know if this is the land that God has for this project but I ask you to continue praying for the opportunity to secure land so the orphanage can begin being built along with a medical clinic.

I am praying for the people of the US as I continue to serve here in Haiti through next Wednesday. I pray your weekend is restful and that the opportunities to worship will be glorious and produce fruit for the Kingdom of God.

With a Grateful Heart,


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2 thoughts on “A Day in Croix-des Bouquet and Canaan areas northeast of Port-au-Princ”

  1. Our Father owns the “cattle on a thousand hills” (Psalm 50:10) and He can certainly make the “hills,” that is the land, available to His children to advance His Kingdom in Haiti and to the ends of the earth. I am praying for you guys. I am also praying for the “majority owner,” that God will move in his life and he will donate the property that Pastor Odvald is certain would be the “right place” for the buildings that will house the Haitian ministry. For God’s glory.

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