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I am teaching a class on Building a Balanced Worship Ministry this week at Liberty. I use the phrase “Worship is” from time to time to dialogue with people with the hope that we can come to the same conclusion in order to understand that Worship is about God and not us.

I sent out a message via twitter asking for feedback by asking people to fill in the blank Worship is______________. The following is input I received via twitter and facebook.

Worship is an expression of love and adoration for an awesome Savior

Worship is loving the Lord

Worship is Praising God…

Worship is a right response to who God is

Worship is the result of a “spirit & truth” encounter with God

Worship is Romance

Worship is the greatest privilege we are afforded

Worship is a response of adoration, our outward display of sacrifice, devotion & obedience to what we hold inwardly most dear

Worship is Engaging His Presence….

Worship is why we exist.

Worship is where we see the “big picture”.

Worship is the activity of the man who experiences the presence of God, the Holy One, the One of Greatest Value, the Creator, the Redeemer, the Lover of my soul, My Redeemer.

Worship is embracing the TRUTH!


Worship is “the beginning of praise, not the object.”

Worship is attributing appropriate worth or value to God.”

Worship is “living your life in such a way that it honors our Lord.”

Worship is “the best part of my week!”

Worship is a total life devotion to Jesus in word and deed.

Worship is “an acknowledgment of who He is, not what He does.”

Worship is  “Praising Him and listening to Him”

Worship is “I’ve been studying Isaiah 58 for months…changing my thinking on

Worship…to loosing chains of injustice, setting oppressed free, feeding the hungry, shelter homeless, clothing the naked, helping my kinsman, stop malicious talk, rebuilding ancient ruins, keeping and delighting in the Sabbath.”

Worship is being obedient to God

Worship is Surrender and thanksgiving

Worship is emptying

Worship is God-centered

Worship is “Transcendent, Lavish, Pure….”

Worship is our response to God for who He is & what He’s done

Worship is being filled with the Holy Spirit, bringing our prayers, songs, and gratitude to God, alone or as a group

Worship is Transcendent, Lavish, and Pure….

Worship is offering all that we have and do back to God through Jesus

Worship is Making God look good by what we do and say

Worship is much more than, but including, singing and preaching

Worship is Reflecting back to God the radiance of His worth ~ I think that’s from Desiring God

Worship is offering all that we have and do back to God through Jesus

Input received via Twitter and Facebook and provided by Jay Johnston

I hope this will get you thinking about Worship and encourage you as you Worship Jesus Christ!

With a Grateful Heart,



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