Haiti Update 5

Haiti Update 5

WOW! We started off today with an encouraging devotion from one of our team members Rock Kendrick. One of the tools he used in his devotion was scripture cards at each seat for all who are staying in the Florida House. It was a good challenge to all of us.

Our LBC Strategic Ministry Partnership team had a full day of meetings along with some spiritual encounters that were a blessing to the team.

We began the day by traveling to the Nouvelle Eglise Evangelique Baptiste D’Haiti where Pastor Odvald Louis serves as the Senior Pastor. Our primary purpose of going to this church was to take some photos of a new roof that FBC Lafayette, LA VBS Mission Offering collected to help pay for the roof. 

When we got to the church they were having a Worship & Prayer Time because the people of the church are in a season of fasting. This church also practices fasting every Wednesday until sundown and the people come throughout the day to worship & pray.

This experience was one of the blessings God gave us today. The worship as you will hear in the video and seeing some of the pictures I pray will bless and encourage you. (Click on this link to watch video)  Nouvelle Eglise Prayer Service

After leaving the church we went to the Croix des Bouquets Orphanage to meet some of the people at this orphanage. Global Orphan Project operates this orphanage. We had a good experience with the team leader Wes while visiting this location. We also learned about some other possible projects they are doing that other churches we are working with could adapt to meet their needs.

After leaving this location we went to Bon Repos where we checked on the construction crew. As we were walking to where the construction team was working we came upon a Jehovah Witness Team from Grenada going house-to-house sharing their message. As we were nearing them I spoke up and shared greetings with them. One of them proudly announced who they were and I introduced myself to them. The introduction led into a brief orientation from them and when I shared scripture with one of them that person wanted to share some scripture but was not prepared. We were never in a confrontation mode as I shared a Gospel Presentation with them. They simply shared that they do not believe like the Jehovah Witness believe in the US.  They did have the Watchtower Tracts but I loved on them and encouraged them to study the entire Bible.  I felt the Holy Spirit provided protection and brought a sweet freshness to the conversation leaving them knowing we deeply love them and care about their soul and how much Jesus loves them.  After this encounter we moved on to visit with the LBC Construction team. They and the Haitian Workers have done a great job on the house.  










The Strategic Ministry partnership Team then left to meet with Pastor Edmond so we could learn more about what he hopes to accomplish with a new orphanage and schoolhouse.  The orphanage building he was operating was destroyed during the January 2010 earthquake along with his church. These photos are the temporary site.

After leaving the Orphanage we then made our way to Canaan with Pastor Odvald who has started a mission church through Nouvelle Eglise. We walked through a very small part of Canaan. This is an area where an estimated 1.5 million people relocated after the January 2010 earthquake. The vastness of this area is hard to comprehend, as it is located along the base of a mountain range. While walking through the area to the mission we quickly learned that Pastor Odvald has worked the field because he knew the people along the way. He introduced to people that come to the church and those who do not come.

We then left Canaan to make contact with some potential strategic ministry partners. We did have other opportunities where we shared Jesus with folks throughout the day.

We are learning a lot about opportunities and we continue to pray that God will keep us to focus so the Strategic Ministry Partnership remains focused on evangelism and discipleship.

Thanks for your continued prayer support for the LBC team, as we will have one more full day before we depart on Friday. Please keep the construction team in prayer as they work with the Haitians on a couple of projects while the other team will make some additional contacts with potential ministry partners.

With a Grateful Heart,



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