Haiti 4

Haiti Update 4

On Tuesday May 10 the Lord Jesus provided many opportunities for us to minister throughout the day.

The construction team had a good day as they continued working with Haitians building a house in Bon Repos. The team members shared how they learned from their previous day experience. It is a joy to see the passion that these men have for the Haitians they are working with us. As we say in Haiti we are not really building houses we are building relationships. The LBC team is using the vehicle of building houses to share the Gospel with the people they are working with and those within the community. They are taking time to pray with the Haitians, shares a personal testimony of Jesus in their life and then throughout the day they are telling the story of Jesus. Please continue to pray for the construction team, as they will finish up a house this week.

The other team had the opportunity to show Dr. David Hankins and Dr. Wayne Sheppard some of the earthquake destruction and the rebuild efforts in PAP before they departed for Louisiana. While we are out team members had several opportunities to share Jesus with people eon the street. Two of the people that I shared Jesus with are Elsie Do Mi and Mariana Joseph. They both had invited Jesus into their heart. They shared with me that they had been asking the Lord for a Bible or tract to share Jesus with their children so they were excited to take the tract that I shared with them to go and tell their children about Jesus. Perhaps today the Lord has put someone on your mind that needs to hear the story of Jesus. I encourage you to not delay but to stop and pray right now for the Lord to arrange that time for you and the person with whom you need to share Jesus with today.

After we dropped Dr. David Hankins and Dr. Wayne Sheppard off at the airport we made several visits to places for the purpose of identifying some potential ministry partners. In the area where we are staying in PAP is called Delmas and we had the opportunity to visit with the Mayor of Delmas who is also a former Presidential candidate. He was very gracious to us and the local government has built an outdoor amphitheatre that we discussed the possibilities of using for future concerts.





During the evening our team members had opportunity to talk about what they sense God is doing and the potential for us in Louisiana to establish a Strategic Ministry Partnership with the Haitian and Florida Convention. While the team is excited about the possibilities we are also cautious as we wait to see how God will lead us. We remain thankful for the opportunities He gave us on Tuesday and how He opened doors for us to meet some new friends. On Wednesday we will be meeting with other ministry leaders in Haiti to discuss potential opportunities. So we appreciate your continued prayer support.

With a Grateful Heart,



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