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Louisiana/Haiti Partnership Missions Romans 10:15 How beautiful are the feet of those who announce the gospel of good things!

Louisiana/Haiti Partnership Missions

Romans 10:15 How beautiful are the feet of those who announce the gospel of good things!

On January 12 it will be three years since a devastating earthquake took place in Haiti. Louisiana Baptist churches were quick to respond to the relief efforts including Buckets of Hope, Disaster Relief and Prayer for Haiti. Two churches that were first responders to the earthquake recovery efforts were First Baptist Church of Covington and First Baptist Church of Lafayette. Since that time these two churches along with other churches from Louisiana have continued to share the love of Jesus in Haiti.

FBC Covington and FBC Lafayette took up the challenge by Wayne Sheppard of the Louisiana Baptist Convention to form a Louisiana Baptist and Haiti partnership. The LBC Haiti partnership currently involves work in Croix des Bouquets and Canaan in cooperation with the leadership of Haitian Pastors and the Haitian Baptist Convention.

These two churches currently have teams on mission in Haiti! They are working together conducting Medical Clinics and Vacation Bible Schools. They have already seen 468 patients in the medical clinic and had over 200 children in Vacation Bible School.

The medical team is seeing about physical symptoms but at the same time they are caring for spiritual needs of the patients according to Rock Kendrick who is coordinating the medical teams work. The pharmacy workers are dispensing medicines prescribed by the Doctors and at the same time you can find them hugging on the patients, praying for them and sharing smiles as they go over the orders prescribed by the physicians.

Dustin Lee who serves as the children’s minister at FBC Lafayette has led the Vacation Bible School efforts. The VBS team includes team members from both churches and is made up of teenagers, college students, young, median and older adults working together to God’s Word to the children. Dustin has provided great leadership, energy and passion to this effort and it has ignited the efforts of all team members even when the outdoor temperatures were soaring into the upper 90’s.

The Gospel has been shared through these efforts and the team trusts the Lord of the Harvest to bring forth a great harvest with expectations that one day Heaven will be expanded because of the Gospel story being shared this week.

The future of the Louisiana Baptist Haiti Partnership is bright but we need YOU! We need Medical Teams including High Adventure Medical Teams willing to go into the mountain region and smaller islands off the Haitian Coast to conduct medical clinics. We also need VBS Teams, Construction Teams, Prayer Teams, Medical Supply Donations, Financial Donations to purchase land for two permanent medical clinics can be built, along with an orphanage, school, and one home for a pastor and family who currently live in a tent behind a church.

Louisiana Baptist and Haiti Partnership Efforts are ongoing so make plans now to join this mission partnership in 2013 by going, giving and praying! If you would like to be part of the Louisiana Haiti Mission effort please contact Wayne Sheppard the with the Louisiana Baptist Convention or you can contact Jay Johnston, Associate Pastor of FBC Covington, La.



Louisiana/Haiti Missions Partnership

The intent of this partnership is first and foremost to announce the Gospel to the Nation of Haiti. The initial scope will be focused on working with Pastor Odvald and the association of churches he serves as the Senior Pastor of Nouvelle Eglise Evangelique Baptiste Church in Croix-des-Bouquet.  This includes currently the work in six churches and two church plants that have the potential to reach 1.5 million people among this association of churches.

The scope of the partnership will include but not limited to Prayer Walking Teams, Medical Clinics, Bible Clubs, Church Planting, Orphanage Support, School Support, Evangelistic Crusades and Building Projects.

The Louisiana Baptist/Haiti Partnership Missions will begin and continue through PrayGr8Commission. This is an opportunity to Pray Daily for Christ to give you daily opportunities to share the Gospel and make Disciples where you live while also praying for the work in Haiti.

The long-term goal is to assist these churches by:

Providing Prayer Support

Establish a permanent Medical Clinic at each church

Provide sponsorship to staff a nurse five days a week for 8 hours a day (discovery cost)

Provide assistance with church planting among this association of churches

Provide teams to conduct Backyard Bible Clubs

Provide for school support when appropriate

Provide Construction teams to build churches, Medical Clinics, Schools and an Orphanage

Provide assistance with the establishment of at least one orphanage and sponsorship of children

Provide Pastors to conduct Crusades at least twice a year

The target group for Mission Teams on the field is freshman in High School and above!

Encourage Children’s Ministries among the Louisiana Baptist Churches to adopt pastors and churches to support through prayer, offering and at least once a year conduct campaigns to raise supplies for churches, schools and eventually an orphanage

You might say I am unable to go because of many reasons and if that is the case you are the prime candidate:

To start prayer teams for Haiti

To financially support the work

To serve as an area Representative to secure donations for children’s school supplies

To serve as an area Representative for securing Medical Supplies

To serve however God leads you to support this work

With your gift of money, time and service you are meeting the physical, spiritual, educational needs of babies, children, youth and adults in one of the world’s poorest nations. In addition to meeting these most basic needs, you are helping foster a new generation of Christian Leaders for Haiti.

For more information contact:

Louisiana/Haiti Partnership Mission Coordinator

Dr. Jay Johnston, Associate Pastor

First Baptist Church of Covington

16333 Hwy 1085

Covington, La 70433

Cell – 615-260-4752

Office – 985-892-2149



To make a financial contribution:

The details of the foundation that will be handling the financial resources is being finalized. I will post details late next week about where to submit your donation. In the meantime you can submit them to FBC Covington clearly marked Haiti partnership and make it to the attention of Karen McKnight. You will receive tax receipt and we will posting on a quarterly basis where and how the funds are being spent.

With a Grateful Heart,

Jay Johnston

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Thank You for Praying!

I am thankful people pray! I am thankful for those who prayed for me and those that travelled with me to Haiti last week. Your prayer support for the work taking place in Haiti is making a difference. The work is good, the people are appreciative and I believe bringing lifechange to the people of Haiti and to those helping make a difference in Haiti that will affect both Heaven and Hell.

I am also praying for those who are reading my blog about Haiti. Your prayers are at the very core of the work for Haiti that will make a difference. Your willingness to pray also opens the door of your heart and mind to be involved with helping to make a difference in Haiti by going with a team in the coming weeks, months or years to help fulfill the strategy, byy assisting with the gathering of supplies or by financially contributing to the work.

As you pray I believe God will reveal to you the part you are to be involved with in Haiti. 

In my next blog on Haiti I will lay out the strategy for the work in Haiti, how you can pray, go and give.

Thanks for praying!

With a Grateful Support,

A Haitian Pastor!

Feb. 16, 2012

Today, I want to tell you a little bit about Pastor Jean Odvald Louis who goes by Pastor Odvald. This pastor had a heart for Christ, a love for his family and a commitment to equip the people he is leading and working everyday to see the ministry is about multiplying with the hope of reaching one more for Jesus everyday.

Pastor Odvald along with his wife Jeannide Lafleur Louis, Daughter’s: Lmadnide, Marie Phoebe (baby) and son Bertsley  live in Croix-des-Bouquet (pronounced Creole: Kwadèbouke or English: quad a bouquet). Pastor Odvald and his wife love the local church and committed to reaching those around them for Christ and to disciple them.

I have found Pastor Odvald to be a man constantly seeking the heart of God. He is a man prayerful in his ways, strong in teaching God’s Word, visionary leader that gets things done.

The Louisiana/Haiti Missions partnership will be working hand in hand with Pastor Odvald and the churches under his leadership. I ask that you place Pastor Odvald on your prayer list as we begin working with him.

If you are interesting in serving on a Mission Team in Haiti please let me know and I will get you connected to groups that will be going every month beginning in May 2012.

With a Grateful Heart,


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A Love Story!

February 14, 2012

We took off for the town of Thomassin to visit a church plant and orphanage to learn more and see what we could take from this visit. We spent time first visiting a Church Plant that the Lord is blessing with people making life-changing commitments to Jesus. This was an encouraging time to the team to see and hear about the ongoing ministry of the church plant. 

We then went to visit a guesthouse that provides housing for ministry teams and for parents who are adopting children from a local orphanage. After visiting the guest house and having questions answered from the house mom we then took off to see an orphanage. The orphanage is currently renting multiple homes to care for the children while permanent construction is taking place.  We were able to visit two of the classrooms where the children are being taught. In one of the classrooms the children were in English class. The curriculum they are in requires the children to learn, English, French and Creole. The classroom had a great atmosphere and the children seem to be very happy. We had a great time visiting the children.

After visiting the toddlers and older children’s portion of the orphanage we went to visit the home where newborn to two year olds were cared for at the orphanage. The care and attention of the staff was impressive and the babies were precious. As we talked to the babies as they lay in their baby beds you could witness smiles of the infants and the team members.

The love that is being shown by the orphanage, which is part of God’s Littlest Angels Ministry, was outstanding. The children at the orphanage are not only being cared for but the staff is intentional about sharing the story of Jesus with all of the children.

The Guest House directors are Nikki and Brandon Jordan. This couple are from the United States. We were thrilled to learn that Nikki Jordan formerly Nikki LeBlanc is from New Iberia, Louisiana, The Jordan’s along with their children are doing a great work for the Lord through this ministry.

We also had time to eat a meal away from the Florida House during the late afternoon and spend a few minutes walking in a nearby town. During our walk around time the Lord provided us numerous opportunities to share the story of Jesus.

The day was truly about love that comes from God as we witnessed the love being shown in the orphanage and by team members sharing the story of Jesus with people on the street.

May the Love of Jesus flood your heart today!

With a Grateful Heart,

Jay Johnston

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A Day of Ministry and Blessings in Canaan and Port-au-Prince!

Feb 11, 2012  

Today has been a day of blessings as we ministered among the people of Canaan and spent some time on the streets of Port-au-Prince.

We left for Canaan early today to participate and assist with the Children’s Ministry taking place today. Upon arrival we had about 12 children greeting us and soon we had another 43 children come to the church. One of our team members is Ashley Davis who works for the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home and another team member is Steve Armstrong who is the Pastor at Westside Community Church in Addis, Louisiana. Ashley has responsibility on the team to walk us through with the protocol and administrative actions for developing and building an orphanage. Steve has the responsibility for ministry involvement. The two of them lead most of the activities for the morning time with the children and they did a really great job. It is obvious they have the right assignment by the way they interacted and lead during the morning with children.

We took a hike through Canaan to top of the first large hill in the development. As we made it up the hill the view of hundreds of homes not visible from below let our team know that there is much work to be done in Canaan.

We then made our way back to Port-au-Prince where we had the opportunity to visit with people living in various types of housing across from the Palace. This time allowed us to share the Gospel with many and we also met many Haitian’s living their life for Jesus. I had the opportunity to speak to a gathering of people on the streets to share with them the love of Jesus. I then with the help on my interpreter asked them one by one where they stand with a relationship with Jesus. One of our team members Jim Louviere is planting a church in Metairie and working with us to assist with planting churches was able to visit with a man that came to Christ right after the January 2010 earthquake and shared with Jim how he continues to live out his life of faith in Jesus. I met a young adult man who came to know Jesus because a group from Daytona Beach Florida came to Haiti and shared Jesus. He is now living his life out as a street evangelist and intentionally disciple other men. I also saw a man by the name of Livonia who works in the market area. I had previously met him and we were able to enjoy a short visit. He continues to live his life for Jesus and is being intentional about sharing Jesus with all he sees.

All in all it has been a good day. Please pray for us as we minister in Croix-des-Bouquet on Sunday. I will be preaching and excited for this opportunity. We are staying at the Florida House this week and the Florida Baptist Convention is sponsoring a crusade near the house and the Strength Team is leading the crusade. I ask that you also pray for David Burton the State Evangelism Director for Florida and the Strength Team as they minister in Port-au-Prince this week.

Our prayer request for clarity on building a strategic plan remains a request and the team is humble by your prayers.

With a Grateful Heart,


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A Day in Croix-des Bouquet and Canaan areas northeast of Port-au-Princ

February 10, 2012

Today has been about watching and praying as to how Louisiana Baptist might work in Croix-des-Bouquets and Canaan. The morning was spent at the Nouvelle Eglise Evangelique Baptiste with Pastor Odvald, Pastor Odvaldseveral other pastors and friends along with our team. Here we spent time hearing about the priorities of the church, seeking clarification on those priorities and praying for God’s direction and provision.

We then departed for Canaan to get a first hand look at this area that could simply overwhelm anyone because of the massive number of people and the living conditions along this mountain side. We went to the Church which is also under the leadership of Pastor Odvald. We spent time here learning more about the area, the church and the school that has begun and is sponsored by the church. The Lord is using Pastor Odvald to continually reach people and grow them in their person faith with Jesus Christ. We had the opportunity throughout the time in Canaan to meet many men, women and children who have become members of the Nouvelle Eglise Evangelique Baptiste.

We then drove through a little portion of the area. A drive through this area is extremely limited because there are no roads and the terrain is rough and the few vehicles that do move around in the area create such deep trenches that it becomes impossible to drive.

Upon moving back to the main road we drove along Route 1 which is a coastal highway. We drove for about seven miles to see the continual sprawl of people establishing homes along the mountainside. A drive in Haiti can also provide you with unique sites like this one. This entire area continues to grow because the government is asking the squatters in Port-au-Prince to move from the parks and public land in the city.

As we began heading back towards Port-au-Prince I continued speaking with Pastor Odvald about his foundation and the possibility of securing land for orphanage, medical clinic and school under his leadership. As we talked I encouraged him to take on urgency for this project and he replied now and I said yes now. It was within seconds he turned off the main road and drove about fifty yards looking at some empty fields. He said Pastor Jay I have been watching this land and praying for God to open the door for this land. He has good reason because it is very near the Canaan Church and on a major highway. As we talked he drove a little further and asked some men working in a field opposite from the land he was looking at moments ago and asked who could he speak with about purchasing some land. One of the men said he would need to speak with the man in a vehicle that was coming toward us and so we drove a few feet and he begin speaking with him. This man then said you need to speak with the owners and that man made a call and within about 10 minutes the minority owner of the property was on the same road speaking with Pastor Odvald.  They had a good conversation and the man is going to call back after speaking with the majority owner. Pastor Odvald and I agreed to pray because the initial figures would not be acceptable but I reminded him that God owns everything. I do not know if this is the land that God has for this project but I ask you to continue praying for the opportunity to secure land so the orphanage can begin being built along with a medical clinic.

I am praying for the people of the US as I continue to serve here in Haiti through next Wednesday. I pray your weekend is restful and that the opportunities to worship will be glorious and produce fruit for the Kingdom of God.

With a Grateful Heart,


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Louisiana/Haiti Partnership Missions 2012

Good Afternoon! We had a great morning of Worship today at FBC Covington, LA. I hope your morning has been a time of meaningful worship.

I am writing because I will be leading a team to Haiti this coming Thursday. The group going with me is significant to the future work of Louisiana Baptist in Haiti. The team members going have specific responsibilities while on this trip in the areas of Medical, Orphanage Work, Church Planting, Ministry Development and Simultaneous Revivals. We will be working toward the strategic development of building a multiplying ministry in Haiti that will include the construction of a medical clinic and orphanage. If finances support we will also build a housing unit for volunteers to stay in while in Haiti. The housing unit would be built on the site where we intend to build a Medical Clinic and Orphanage if all goes well with purchase of land. We will be working east of Port-Au-Prince in Croix des Bouquet pronounced quad a bouquet and as well in a large populated area near Croix des Bouquet that is referred to as Canaan. The pastor we are working with has already planted one churches  in Canaan since the earthquake of 2010.

We will meet with Pastors and Business Leaders this week about this plan for a Medical Clinic and Orphanage in this area. Our key pastor is very excited about the potential of establishing a medical clinic and orphanage in this area along with working with him to plant churches and develop ministry opportunities such as Bible Schools. The Pastor has respect among the Haitian Baptist Convention leaders and people where he is serving. He will serve as a good advocate for the work. In the future we will have agricultural specialist travelling to explore, what crops might be grown in this area to sell at market. In addition to agricultural specialist, we will have others who will begin looking at teaching people to sew while exploring some other trade options with the people.

I will send reports at least once a day if possible while in Haiti from February 9 – 16 to keep you updated.
Here are some way’s to pray for us:
1.       That the plans we are discussing will be in accord with God’s plan.
2.      As we discern where God is leading we establish clear next steps for land purchase, building of the medical clinic and orphanage
3.      See clear ministry opportunities like Bible Schools, Church Planting and Simultaneous Revivals
4.      To be faithful to share the Good News of Jesus all along the way.

While I am excited to lead this group to Haiti my heart aches for the lostness right here in Covington, the Northshore as well as the Southshore of New Orleans. I will be praying for you to be light to a darken world as you live out each day. I will give my all until I leave for Haiti to share Jesus with those here at home and will look forward to rejoining you in the work upon my return.

With a Grateful Heart,
Pastor Jay
Jay Johnston, D.Min.
Associate Pastor, FBC Covington, LA.

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