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Have You Heard?

This is the first of numerous articles I am writing for Awaken 2012. You can read more about awaken 2012 at

Have you heard about Awaken 2012? When I first heard Pastor Don Masteller share his heart about the condition of Louisiana, the US and the World I wept with him. When he began painting a picture of how an awakening might affect Louisiana. I began thinking about how God might use such an awakening in my life, my family, the church I serve along with the community and the state of Louisiana where I currently live.

After hearing Pastor Masteller cast a vision and calling Pastors to begin preparing for such a time by asking the Lord to prepare our own hearts for such an awakening in Louisiana. I accepted the call that was issued to pray for this possibility. I began asking the Lord to prepare my heart for such an awakening by removing from my life those things that would hinder my relationship with Jesus. I begin asking God to show me the sin in my life that I need to confess and change my ways to become God’s way of living. I have spent a year seeking the Lord as to how He desires to awaken and refresh me and what God might do in our churches and throughout Louisiana. I will continue seeking Him so that I continually abide in Christ.

I am expecting God to continue the work He has begun in me and I pray that as Louisiana Baptist gather one year after Pastor Rod Masteller first gave a vision of what might be (If) we are to see a Spiritual Awakening occur by calling Louisiana Baptist to a Solemn Assembly on Monday night November 14. I see this as an opportunity for Louisiana Baptist to put action toward this vision. May the Lord use this assembly and the season of preparation to follow for His people in Louisiana to be Awaken in 2012!

With a Grateful Heart,

Jay Johnston

Associate Pastor,

FBC Covington, La